Guess what! It’s that time of year again! AmazingSuperPowers is celebrating its birthday! Again! We’re turning two years old, and our terrible twos should prove to be just as terrible as our terrible ones and a great introduction to the terribleness of our terrible threes. Anyway! Just like last year we are giving you the opportunity to show off your talents and totally upstage us, forcing us to question our abilities and make us ashamed to go outside. Fun for everyone!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Pick your favorite AmazingSuperPowers comic strip.
  2. Recreate it through any medium of your choice. It could be a video, short story, long story, song, poem, series of photographs, single-sentence summary, flash game, animation, cave painting, sculpture, or anything else you want. Hell, you could even redraw the damn thing. (Here are the winning entries from last year!)
  3. Send us an e-mail at general (at) amazingsuperpowers (dot) com. In the e-mail you can attach your entry or include a link to someplace where we can see/hear/taste/have-a-wank-to it.
  4. Win! (Maybe.)

The deadline for entries is on October 8, 2009 at the end of the day.

Here are the prizes:

A few little details:

  • Please include your name in the entry and use an e-mail address that you check often, otherwise we can’t tell you that you’ve won.
  • We’ll be posting the winners and other favorites on the site. By entering you forfeit your right to be totally lame and sue us for what we do with your entry, or if you hurt yourself with our awesome prizes.
  • If you have a question about the contest, ask it in the comments below. All entries, however, need to be e-mailed to us.
  • Please don’t do anything illegal. Ever.
  • Enter at your own risk. If you manage to hurt yourself trying to recreate a comic, it’s your own fault.
  • As many entries per person as you want (but keep in mind we are judging on quality, not quantity), and go ahead and team up with other people if you want.
  • Folks living outside the United States can enter as long as you can accept packages from the U.S.
  • Entries will be judged by Wes and Tony, and it will be totally subjective. Winners will be selected on the merits of how much we like it.
  • There were some prize delay issues from last year. This has been smoothed out, and if there are any more mysterious issues from that still lingering just float us an email.
  • Yes, this contest is for real. Get to work!

One last thing: We’ve had a great time makin’ comics for you folks for the past two years, and the best way to say “Thanks for Keepin’ On” is to take a look at our store and pick up one of our shirts or our really-big-super-high-quality prints. Thanks for your support. We have no plans on slowing down.