This isn’t the first time we’ve dabbled with spooky cameras. Hell, this isn’t even the first time we’ve talked about spooky stuff in general. There’s a real shortage of haunted objects in the world, so here are some suggestions in case a dark wizard or Satan himself happens to read the comic (or at least someone who’s connected to Satan on LinkedIn).

Cursed Xbox
Whatever happens to you in the game, happens to you in real life! Unfortunately, you don’t really have a ton of time to play games these days so you mostly use it for Netflix. So you watch a lot of Netflix… IN REAL LIFE!

Haunted Jenga
Like a regular game of Jenga, only now “Jenga” is a killing word! Every time you say it, someone somewhere dies! But when you think about it the population is so large that ten people probably died while reading this, making the difference pretty negligible.

Spooky Barbells
Lifting these makes you incredibly strong! But you never make time to actually use them and they gather dust in the corner. Okay maybe these are just regular barbells. But the cobwebs makes them look spoooooky!

Evil Toaster Oven
It’s like a regular toaster oven except that it always burns one side! Full disclosure: This might just be a shitty toaster oven and you should have spent a little more on a nicer one.

Bewitched Bottle of Whiskey
Drinking it improves your sense of self-worth and confidence in social situations, but it negatively affects your balance and judgement! Wait no this is regular whiskey again.

So maybe our world is already cursed 🙁

But on the upside that means MAGIC IS REAL 🙂