Recently I was able to try bungee jumping. It’s terrifying! Back when I was a teen I went skydiving, and while it’s QUITE A RUSH, bungee jumping was infinitely scarier.

If you’re some amateur showing up for a skydive, you do a “tandem dive” which means you get lashed onto some other dude who does this a thousand times a day. And if you’re doing the skydive in backwoods Oregon like I did, then you’re also paying like 60 bucks which is dirt cheap and honestly just adds to the thrill. You know you’re in good hands when the plane is held together with actual duct tape and the pilot is also wearing a parachute.

But regardless of everything that could go WRONG, at the end of the day you’re just along for the ride. You can pretty much go limp and close your eyes and you’ll still have skydived, and they’ll print out a little certificate using a Microsoft Word default template saying “Hey, you did it, good job. Way to be strapped to someone who actually did the thing.”

But with bungee jumping it’s your choice to jump. All the survival instincts are going nuts in your brain to NOT DO IT but you paid like 50 bucks and everyone is watching and OH GOD OH GOD.

Basically it’s the privilege to give in to that little suicidal spark in all of us without all the hassle that comes with dying.