Hey! Did you guys know we almost made a TV show a couple years ago? A certain cable network that “Centralizes” on the idea of “Comedy” bought a script based on our favorite characters, and we started developing a pilot with them! Skip (“The Blonde Kid”) Wyatt (“The Kid with the Vest”) Ken (“Mustache Dad”) as well as Murph & Dobbs (“The Mustache Cops”) all make an appearance! Unfortunately, the plug got pulled before the project could be finished, and after a few false starts and getting it going again, we wound up with a half-length presentation of our 30 minute script. BUT IT’S HIGH TIME YOU GUYS SEE IT, some of you readers have been with us since the beginning and we really appreciate you folks. So here you go, enjoy Crossbones Adventure Club:

Crossbones Adventure Club Animatic Presentation from Anthony Michael Wilson on Vimeo.