Your parents’ profession will absolutely influence your upbringing! Here’s a quick guide to what to expect out of your childhood, since everyone’s personality is defined by their job:

Good luck trying to hide anything from them! And good luck trying to sleep after hearing their stories about the savage murders they see all day.

With the “shit” they see all day, it’ll be hard to surprise them! Also there will be a toilet installed in every room of the house, which will alienate you from your friends.

Haha! Your mom or dad is the TEACHER? Talk about a nerd! Plus the it’s very challenging to compartmentalized home and educational environments in this situation.

Yeah, it must be real tough having the COOLEST parent ever!

President of the United States of America:
Helicopter rides. Big house. Personal chef. There is literally no downside to being the powerless child of one if the most prominent figures in the free world with an almost unlimited list of dangerous enemies.

Hope that was helpful, if you have another childhood I guess.