Want to play a game?? Okay, see if you can spot what these three things have in common:

• Having sex with someone for money
• Fighting a stranger
• Setting up boobytraps in public places

Give up? These are all things that you would go to jail for but are perfectly legal if you put it on camera. That’s right, between pornography, combat sports, and prank shows, we’ve proven that deliberately filming something makes it no longer a crime. It’s a winning formula, and I believe it’s commonly known that the enduring success of Jackass is finding ways to combine all three of those activities and getting it on camera.

Now that’s some hot knowledge right there. This means that we absolutely should strap a GoPro onto our heads, find the nearest 7-11, and start cramming our pockets with Snickers bars. “Don’t worry, mister clerk, it’s just a prank show! I was pranking you for my hilarious YouTube channel. Gotcha!” Be sure to say all of this while jamming Snickers bar after Snickers bar in your face.

So go out there and commit those crimes, and don’t forget to hit “record!”