I know a lot of our readers are probably younger than us, so I think it’s time I dispense some sage advice that you all might have heard before but have not truly taken to heart. So come on, take an eSit on Pappy Tony’s eKnee (this is the internet you cannot actually sit on my knee, it does not work that way and I am sorry.)

Nobody knows what they’re doing. People who are older than you, they may know more than you, but they are clueless. Everything we know is built on the decaying infrastructure of dozens of generations before us. And the longer things go on, the more there is to know and the fewer people there are who actually know it. The average person truly “knows,” like, maybe two or three things. Everything else? Weird-ass cultural hand-me-downs.

We are all sad, stupid, ignorant people. So treat your neighbor with respect, because he’s just as dumb as you.