What’s this? The Internet just got sexier! Yes, your favorite website just got favoritier. You see, we made a bet that we’d have to update our site if we couldn’t arm wrestle one hundred swarthy Irish deck-hands. Naturally, we were able to easily wrest them all into submission, but as a show of good faith we updated the site anyway. We wouldn’t want to embarrass poor Seamus and his crew. So, now everyone knows that we’re strong, hard-working, and sportsman-like.  Also modest. And handsome.

So check out the new digs! Here, have a seat right here. We’ve cleaned up the place. We treat you nice. We’ll buy you ice cream and diamonds if we ever meet you. So if you look around, you’ll find some new stuff! You’ll find all the old stuff, too! And if you’re looking for things that may or may not have been hidden, they’re still around! They have just found new places to hide because all of you are so clever and found all of their old places. So peek around, let your lovely eyes suck up some of the new layout and then lean back in your comfortable chair and say “Ahhh…” like you just took a long pull from a cold and refreshing soda pop.

We hope you like the layout. And if you don’t, Well … then we’ll pull out your heart and show it to you.

Wes + Tony

P.S. Since nothing is perfect, you can always help us squash a few bugs.