Okay, if you’ve been on the internet for more thant ten minutes you know all about nerd rap and such. You’ve all heard about MC Frontalot and probably bob your head and go, “yes” to his songs.

Here’s a fact: the internet can supply you with much weirder things that nerd rap. Our friend Brian Engh, aka The Historian Himself, has just released his first rap album on his website. And it’s caveman and dinosaur themed. Prehistoric Hip-Hop. Prehistorhip-hop, if you will? Here’s a taste of one of his Youtube rap battle entries:

I made a solemn promise at a BBQ to tell people about his stuff, and everyone knows that I take BBQ promises VERY SERIOUSLY.  Also you should check it out because the album is very, very good. I listen to it, I bob my head, I go, “yes.”