I’m sure this must be a well documented phenomenon, but bear with me:

Math on a standard consumer grade microwave does not make sense. Any entry of cooking time that is 99 or lower is counted by SECONDS, but any entry of 100 or higher is a count of MINUTES and seconds.

Can anyone explain to me how entering 75 will get me one minute and fifteen seconds just as I’d expect, but an entry of 100 gets me one minute? WHAT IF I WANT ONE MINUTE AND FORTY SECONDS, WHICH PERHAPS IS THE MAGIC COOKING TIME? Do you expect me to input 140? No! Because that SHOULD be two minutes and twenty seconds. WHAT HAS HAPPENED, MICROWAVE? You owe me forty seconds.

Okay, so: I know what you’re going to tell me. That the ability to enter time by seconds at 99 and under is a luxury afforded to us both by ease of design and that it allows more precise cooking time for things that might need to be cooked just over a minute when you only have time to enter TWO numbers and not THREE. 🙁

Well, I feel betrayed. Once you have three numbers in sequence, you have created a PATTERN. And microwaves, well, they’ve established a pattern with a series of 99 numbers. A pattern of entry by SECONDS. And then everything gets flipped upside down.

Life is a lie.