We present the results of the AmazingSuperPowers Super Contest: Anniversary Edition!

Honorable Mentions (Prize: Print of “Tiny Knife Fights”):

Most Actually Shot By An Arrow
“Nice Catch” by Roxanne J., and Decker S.
Recreation of “Nice Catch
Given these people’s willingness to be shot by an arrow to earn silver bullets, we can only assume that they are in immediate danger of werewolves. Best of luck!

Most Totally Late
“Love the Bomb: The Game” by “chubbthehippo”
Game Inspired by “Love the Bomb
We received this entry days after the contest ended with evidence that he had originally sent it to the wrong e-mail address, securing his spot as “Latest Entry.” Plus the game distracts our hands from sin.

Play the “Love the Bomb” Game

Most Entries Submitted
Chris P.’s many  Submissions
111 Entries Based on Every Comic
We’re worried about this man finding out where we live.

Best Statistic in a Game
From “Grumpyfish Game” by Ciaren C.
Game Inspired by Dearly Departed
At the conclusion of this game, the sole statistic provided is “You hit (#) turds.” I guess that would be the most memorable aspect of every adventure.

Click to Play Grumpyfish Game

Most Hulk
“Oh Nuts” by Phil N.
Recreation of “Oh Nuts
The Incredible Hulk would make a unfortunate prison guard, but a terrifying cellmate. Also featured hardware doin’ it.

The Winners:

Third Place (Prize: Blackmail against Wes and Tony):
“Hungerman: The Comic Book” by Isaac H.
Inspired by “Hungerman
Not only was this obviously made with love, but it also made us really want a sandwich.

Second Place (Prize: Six Silver Bullets):
“Rebirth” by Will H. and Kate B.
Recreation of “I’m Flying!
You’ll notice that Will H. is in our Links section, making him a friend of the site.  We were completely objective in choosing our winners, and we in fact received other entries from friends that did not place.  This one, however, was super sweet.

Click to Watch the Video

First Place (Three Shirts from our Store, and an Original Drawing):
“Portraits of Hitler” by Jeremy M.
Inspired by “We All Have Regrets
We love everything about this, including the fact that a man took the time to lovingly Photoshop Hitler’s head on pregnant women with dramatic lighting, and then send the creation to complete strangers. Then the strangers reward him with shirts and drawings.

Take that, Hitler.