Okay – check it, yo. I have a serious habit of latching onto fragmented childhood memories, trying to piece them back together using whatever seemingly useless shreds of information I can gather… SO!

Those cups, those GOSH DAMNED CUPS. In the early to mid-nineties they used to be EVERYWHERE. I -of course- am talking about the classic generic wax paper cup, found at non-chain burger joints all over southern California and probably THE WORLD. They’re red at the bottom, orange in the middle, yellow above that and then white at the top. I think. I could be wrong. But whatever the arrangement of colors, I am certain that as a wee one I sucked a shit ton of Coca-Soda-Cola-Pop out of those things.

And I don’t know what they’re called. I don’t know if they still exist. I can’t find so much as a PICTURE of them on the Google Internet. It’s breaking my heart to horrible little pieces.

BUT! If ANY of you can give me the names of these cups, any information of note, I will PERSONALLY draw and mail you an AWESOME drawing of your choice. I swears it. Pinkie promise.

Okay, so leave a comment if you have any leads. Please.


*This is not a real contest per se, but I will stick to my word until I have enough information that I can close the contest!! So, do, my friends! Do do do!! DO!!