One hundred comics! There’s a milestone or something. I know that you can divide 100 by a lot of other numbers, which makes it significant, apparently.  More importantly, expect more of a shindig come the 25th of this month, because that is when we will be celebrating AmazingSuperPowers’ first successful rotation around the sun.

It was also only at the last minute that I actually remembered to renew the domain “,” which is a good thing if you are a fan of the comics and a bad thing if you are really into attack porn sites. In related news, stay tuned for AmazingSuperPowers‘ exciting transition into an attack porn site!

And when I say “attack porn” I don’t mean that the site will attack your computer with pop-ups, viruses, and LOLcats. Instead, our highly paid actors and actresses will find your house, punch you in the arm, and make fun of your pets. And they will do it naked.

One hundred comics! Hot damn, that is potentially enough to be able to release a book. Naw, there’s no way we could afford to put the money up front for that…