We tend to be less personal on the site in an effort to put our work forward, but in the middle of this Kickstarter we feel like it’s an opportunity to share some thoughts with you!

Close to eight years ago, we started ASP as a way to make goofy jokes about sex and death. We were surprised to see our audience grow, and were excited to see that people enjoyed our stuff!

A lot of people visit this comic, but we’ve never had an actual project or an actual budget. Then crowdfunding came along. That’s why we’re excited about Waynesaw. We first had the idea two years ago, and have finally gotten the pieces together to make a game filled with that ASP brand of humor that we love. Kickstarter is built for people like us: Creators with a following but short on the cash needed to make it awesome.

The base tier is an exclusive Kickstarter-only $3 version of the game with all the premium content unlocked ($20 of stuff!). It’s called WAYNESAW TURBO EDITION.

You are the exact person we are trying to reach. We need your help. Please consider backing the project today, we’re going out on a limb here for something we’re really passionate about, and we’re going to work our butts off to make this a great game.

Anyway, here’s a link to the Kickstarter, check it out!


Wes & Tony