The following are things that are totally okay to counterfeit:

Wow, a perfect replica of a painting, but it apparently has zero value because someone else did it. It’s not like you should pay more for the FIRST mp3 of a song. This argument is 100% sound.

Tech companies are always suing each other over who invented pinching and touching things first. What could hasten innovation faster than everyone scrambling to destroy each other in a rules-free environment?

Current money is stale. Everyone should print their own money with their own faces on it. Sure, we can still limit how much is printed, but everyone has a set amount. Put whatever slogans you want on there, it’s not like anyone pays attention to anything besides the number.

There’s a lot of debate about human cloning, but that’s just because people are afraid of the truth: there have been like, six great people. Ever. We should just make more of those. The only trick is deciding which six. Not my problem since I’m definitely not one of them!