Our animal-based idioms are tired and need replacement. “The elephant in the room,” is okay but old, “to be a fly on that wall” is a little weird because most rooms don’t have flies, and I still haven’t wrapped my head around “screwed the pooch” since I can’t think of any other definition besides, “man you really goofed by having sex with the dog!” To welcome in the new age of our ever-evolving language, I’m going to propose the following idioms based on common, well-known animals:

“Brought the T-Rex back.”
Whenever your friend brings up an old, touchy topic with disastrous consequences.

“We must be an alpine ibex.”
Tread carefully, because things could go downhill fast!

“To have the teeth of a white-toothed shrew.”
Say this when someone is acting like they have dozens of jagged, tiny teeth used to eat insects.

“Look, a giraffe!”
This phrase can be used to call attention to a giraffe.

Glad I could help! Now enjoy these new phrase but be sure not to “launch the turtle into orbit.”