I’ve scrubbed in on a few surgeries and man is that a zany experience. As a newcomer the first aspect that sticks in your head is how intensely you have to wash your hands. Okay, duh, right? I know that’s not shocking considering the phrase is “scrub in,” but you have never washed your hands so intensely in your life with stronger chemicals. I’m surprised I still HAD hands after the first time I did it.

With regards to medicine, here’s something a lot of people seem to not know: they threw out the Hippocratic Oath years ago. Turns out in the medical world you sometimes have to do TONS of harm. That’s the very definition of surgery. The oath got replaced with the Declaration of Geneva, which is certainly more pragmatic, specific, and takes into account that medicine has changed a little bit since the days of bloodletting. (Though don’t worry, we still have medically bred leeches).

Anyway, that was a lot of unfunny stuff you didn’t ask to know about, but it’s not often I get to talk about the brief medical part of my life so here we are. Back to our regularly scheduled butts and burps!