What are you doing this weekend? Shut up! I don’t care! Let me tell you what I’M doing this weekend! Hosting video at the DORKLY FAN ART EXPO at C2E2, that’s what! Can you say “wowowow?”

If you’re in Chicago at C2E2, come to the Fan Art Expo in ballroom S100A and I’ll high five the living shit out of your hand!

If you’re not in Chicago, keep checking Dorkly.com all weekend as I upload videos of interviews, games, trivia! You’ll be entertained!

If you prefer IMMEDIATE gratification, be gratified by THIS! An episode of Morning Drawfee I did with the Excellent Caldwell Tanner and the Excellent Julia Lepetit:

Sheesh, what time is it? Let me check my watch. Oh, it’s HELL YEAH O’CLOCK.