Boardsports have largely been seen as one of the most radical activities people can do. And why is that? Well, surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards, longboards – what do all these have in common? BOARDS. So it would appear that boards are the coolest things in existence.

That’s right! There’s nothing more awesome than a plank of wood. You know why people like houses so much? They are MADE OF BOARDS*. If someone were to surf a house down a snowy mountain, that would probably be remembered as the coolest moment in human history. Could you imagine meeting the person who kickflipped a house?

So next time you walk by a construction site and see a whole stack of boards, grab a picture with it because that’s the COOLEST thing you’ve seen all day.


*I know some houses are made of bricks, but what’s a brick if not a tiny board made of rocks? Also, bricks are what gets thrown through windows, which is pretty cool.