Ok, so every funnyman twelve year old has once cracked a joke to his friends: “Dogs? Cats? Puuuh-lease! When I grow up, I want taxidermed PEOPLE in my house.” Then their friends with names like “Garret” and “Shane” shoot milk out of their nose and laugh and laugh and then lunch period ends and everyone forgets about this silly joke.

…But what if they don’t? The thousands upon thousands of kids who have made that same dumb joke have all gotta grow up sometime, and if even just one of ’em takes their little lunchtime taxidermy josh seriously enough… Bam. Bodyworlds. A morbid goofball’s paradise. Oh, but isn’t it ART? Are you kidding me? Have you BEEN to Bodyworlds? It features the corpse woman who is literally posed to have her brain flying out of her head in surprise. That’s “art” in the same way Road Runner cartoons are art:

The only kind I care about.