The imagination is a powerful tool! It can turn a cardbox box into a spaceship! It can turn a broom handle into a sword! It can turn a team of scientists and a hunk of uranium into a terrifying weapon of mass destruction and a million sizzling corpses! The imagination is without limits! The imagination must be stopped!

Imagination is mankind’s worst enemy. It breeds discontent. Without imagination, we’d be our best selves. A silent army of fearless drones, working incessantly and dying in piles toward the betterment of the One True Ruler… THE HIVE. Peace, harmony, total lack of individually! Be not jealous of your neighbor, friend, for you are just as empty and thoughtless as he! We, O Mighty Kingdom of Husks! Unite! And bask together in the fevered light of SAMENESS!

Mm, yes. Imagine, if you will, a world without imagination. If you can’t, you’re off to a good start.