Being a lighthouse keeper has to be one of the greatest jobs in the entire world of Earth. You get to wear cool hats, your whole home is an evil spiral staircase, and, oh yeah-


Every lighthouse I know is haunted!

Sometimes by pirates, sometimes by a spectral maiden who wails and weeps and waits for her lost husband to return from the hungry sea. Perhaps she was married to one of those lost pirates! Maybe she was married to all of them! Laws were different back then. The important thing is that it’s weird these ghosts haven’t found each other if they’re haunting the same lighthouse! But then again, getting lost at sea was a pretty common problem back in pirate-times, so maybe lighthouses are so chock full of ghosts that they that cannot find each other! Lost in a new sea! Lost in a sea of ghosts!

Lost in a Sea of Ghosts. I am saving this title and using it for a story about a lighthouse. NO ONE STEAL IT.