If you are into comics or pop culture or movies or video games or pretty much everything that has bright colors and might cause seizures, then you have likely heard of the San Diego Comic-Con. There are going to be a ton of talented, interesting, and successful people there, and also us! We aren’t doing a booth this year, but there are still a couple ways to find Wes & Tony:

1. Look for the two stunningly attractive men strutting around the convention. You’ll tell it’s us because of the two beams of light from the ceiling illuminating our position and the tendency for the sea of people to part for us, sometimes individual people parting to allow us through.

2. If true beauty makes you weep and you need a different strategy, we will be tweeting our location if we’re going to be in one spot for a while. We have printed out little postcards with comics on them and we’d love to personally deface them with sharpie and give you one if you find us. You can also ask us where we are and we’ll tell you. Follow us on Twitter here.