I visited Cuil the other day because I love non-sequiturs, and I decided to search for AmazingSuperPowers to see if the lost puppy that is the Cuil engine could find our site. This is a screenshot of what turned up:


Apparently, Godslug is no longer our mascot. I know what you are thinking: “But I love that slug!” and, “that picture isn’t even on the same server as this site.” But Cuil has spoken, and the Slug has been usurped by a girl in a wheelchair(?) who appears to be really interested in what you are saying. At least this will expand our demographic; we honestly haven’t done that much to advertise to the interested-preteens-with-health-problems community.

So thanks, Cuil, for keeping us informed on what certain websites are really about.

Also, we have perma-links.