One year ago, a little webcomic called AmazingSuperPowers was squeezed into this world, screaming and wailing, an unholy monster conceived by the violent skull-collisions of Tony and Wes. In order to celebrate this one-year anniversary, we’ve crafted a few decorations for your computer so you can infect your screen with our slimy charm. You’ll find a precious little bundle of desktop wallpapers at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, we are currently working on a few new shirts, and until then be sure to check out the shirts currently on sale in our store. It’s that kind of support that keeps this site rolling and the good times flowing. It also keeps everyone from seeing your oddly-shaped nipples.

Be sure to check back here on Monday. To commemorate this anniversary even more, we’ll be kick-starting our AmazingSuperContest #2, which will be wicked and awesome and wicked awesome.

The wallpapers!