AmazingSuperPowers will be at Comic-Con this weekend! Instead of renting a traditional, boring, stationary booth, ASP will be represented by two fully functional human beings! That’s right! Wes and Tony are the booth. These “human beings” are completely mobile, kosher, and devilishly handsome. Unfortunately, we will not be located on the map due to our dynamic nature, and the San Diego Convention Center officials declined our reasonable request for us to have GPS collars that could be used for people to track our whereabouts on a huge jumbotron in the middle of the main exhibition hall.

Consequently, in the spirit of “Where’s Waldo,” if you want to meet the creators of AmazingSuperPowers you’ll have to hunt us down (Here’s a hint: Tony is tall, and Wes wears glasses). If you manage to locate us amongst the 125,000 other attendees, as a reward we’ll kiss your attractive sisters for totally free.