Everyone is hustling to be the first human beings on a mission to Mars, and no one even cares if they die along the way. In fact, dying along the way is BETTER. You are basically guaranteed to become a legend since you’ll never have to return to earth where you’ll probably ruin your legacy by running over an orphan or saying something racist in public.

We all want to live forever in our own little way. The most tried-and-true method is to crank out a couple kids so that a little chunk of your DNA will continue throughout the ages. “I may die, but this basic nose shape is FOREVER.”

Option two is to do something so incredible that you’re alive in the cultural zeitgeist forever. Take Isaac Newton. He got in there early and now his name is associated with GRAVITY. And more recently Mr. Walt Disney drew a little cartoon mouse that’s about as well known as gravity.

So those are your options for immortality: fame or reproduction. And if you manage to be famous for reproducing, then you’re a GENIUS like the Octomom.