Years ago I was reading a thread about prison life. Obviously these discussions are very compelling because law abiding citizens such as myself (i.e. total uncool nerds) have no idea what life on the inside is like. People are talking about subcultures, gangs, and shit they saw go very wrong. But one comment really stood out to me, just sitting on its own:

“I was in prison for a few years. It was fine.”

That’s all! No explanation. No further elaboration. I can’t find it at the moment so I might not have the exact wording, but that is essentially what this person was saying. “How was the soup at that restaurant?” “It was fine.” “How was your soccer game today?” “It was fine.” “How were those YEARS of your ONE LIFE on this PLANET, spent in a building surrounded by people who have crossed society SO SEVERELY that they have to be LOCKED AWAY?”

It was fine.

Not a load of fun, but didn’t get stabbed. People write reviews for shoelaces on Amazon longer than that.