Children really ARE our future, and you know what? The future is where all of today’s unsolvable problems will be solved. By fucking up the the planet and society as much as we can now, we are giving the children of the future the greatest gift there is: necessity. Global Warming? Don’t worry about it, some kid will solve it. They HAVE to. Same goes for world hunger! And you know what the cure for cancer is? Future kids! So many great inventions in the future.

Really, we should work on screwing up the world EVEN MORE in order to challenge our kids to be better people. Think about it, if we flooded our city streets with molten lava, and we lived in a burning, melting lava-hell, sooner or later our kids would figure out how to make lava-proof boats! And if we started keeping rabid wolverines as pets, a number of people would die, yes, but eventually our kids would domesticate them.

Sure, a world without cancer and with plentiful food is fine and good, but it’s not half as radical as a world where humanity is surfing waves of lava with their pet wolverines.