It’s a huge relief knowing that no one is truly unique. Everyone out there has a thousand counterparts who act basically the same, think basically the same things, and like basically the same stuff. Maybe they have a different faces, names, and jobs, but they’re entirely interchangeable. Everyone expects the same from all of them.

And that’s great! You never have to live up to the pressure of “being yourself.” There’s no real “you.” It’s just “be everybody else.” Just act accordingly to your approximate personality and upbringing bracket. You can use your peers to gauge your own success in life, and get really hopelessly mad at yourself when you don’t have everything they have that you want.

And when you scream and cry out to the vast, empty, unhearing cosmos, you get to know everyone else is doing that too! The universe won’t even let you revel in your misery. So, basically, there’s nothing ever worth worrying about.