Wowie zowie, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen either of these guys, eh?

By my clock, it’s ONE YEAR TO THE DAY since the last comic with Keith or Andy (disregarding, of course, the “Do Our Work For Us” strip which was drawn months earlier without a punchline because evidently Wes and I are idiots who don’t know how to plan ahead).

Do you guys like seeing our recurring characters? We have no idea! At conventions people tell us they love “the fish” or “the cops” or “the dad with the mustache,” but no one seems to know their names, and no one really seems to miss ’em while they’re gone. Wes and I have even convinced ourselves [on occasion] that people actually hate the characters and that the strips do better when it’s just a bunch of randos.

I said SCREW IT today, though. Not just one, but TWO recurring characters. Whose names are Keith and Andy. WHADDAYA THINK OF THAT? Can you deal with it? Are you dealing? Good.