Wake up Neo.
 Wake up.

NO MAN I AM SLEEPY. come back in an hour.
 i had a late night.
 shut the blinds.

Sleep tight Neo
 I’ll help myself to a beer, though.

don’t man, that’s my roommate’s
 he’s gonna be so mad at me.

I met your roommate.
 Trenton, right?
 Guy’s a douche.
Yeah, his real name is actually “Doug”
 hah, what a DORK.
 “Trenton?” does he think that makes him sound cooler?
 Have you heard his “Band”? he’s awful. 

I know it’s awful.
 He always brings his guitar to parties.

sad thing is some girls are dumb enough to fall for that.

Dude, go to sleep.

i’m not tired anymore.

Okay, well, then follow the white rabbit or something.

look, i’m not tired but
 that doesn’t mean i’m ready to get out of bed.
 i... i’ve got a boner still. you know. morning wood.

Bad timing, man - there’s a girl at the door