Dreams are confusing! And the “dreams” I’m talking about are the bizarre hallucinations that we have while sleeping. The other type of “dream” where you aspire to be an astronaut is MUCH less confusing (Because that will never happen, sorry. We’re all too dumb and out of shape to go to space).

So to clear up some confusion, here are the MEANINGS behind common dreams you may have:

Teeth Falling Out
This means that you’re worried about financial problems! Probably because new teeth are very expensive, as an avid tooth collector myself.

Ability To Fly
Flying in dreams is the ultimate wish fulfillment. This is comes from a deep-seated envy of birds, which is why people hunt them for sport.

Dead Relative Predicting Upcoming Disaster with Perfect Accuracy
This one is so annoying!! It seems like you can never close your eyes without the grim face of long-dead relatives describing earthquakes, fires, and other horrible disasters with complete and total accuracy, down to the exact location and body count. What a way to start the day!

Sleep tight, everyone!