The Academy Award nominations are out, so here are my predictions:

Best Movie Without People In It:
Fire Engines
Stock footage of fire trucks driving around or parked in driveways. Worth the four hour running time. Vroom vroom!

Most Radical
The Surmountability of Kinship
Shot entirely on GoPro, this follows the story of a man and his estranged sister parachuting into a volcano.

Best Slow Motion of a Man Eating of an Apple
The Apple & The Man
In close competition with “The Man & The Apple”, “The Apple & The Man” benefits from superior casting of a hungrier actor with nicer teeth.

Most Expensive
Golden Elephants Exploding for 90 Minutes
This is rarely surprising category because they literally choose the highest number.

Best Unsimulated Onscreen Sex Scene
Anything Online Pornography
Amazing the see the success of films released exclusively digitally. The industry is really changing.