The problem with the Greatest Day of Your Life is that you probably have no idea that it’s happening. Sure, births, weddings, and the occasional five dollars are pretty cool, but there’s no way to know for sure until you can look back on everything on your deathbed. And even then, you might be about to have the most amazing deathbed ever!

In fact, you might be living the greatest day of your life TODAY and you don’t even realize it. Later this afternoon you might discover that the video game you’ve been playing is a secret simulator to determine the world’s champion in defending humanity from giant space crabs. Or a giant space crab will show up at your door and announce that you’re a lottery winner. Or you might run into that giant space crab you had a crush on in high school and you two will discover your true feelings for one another. Basically I don’t know what it’ll be for sure, but I am fairly certain it involves giant space crabs.

So good luck today! Heck, it might even be the WORST day of your life, which would really take the pressure off the other days. Keep those fingers crossed!