I’ve walked through a few submarines in my life, and the takeaway is always the same thing, “it’s cramped.” I guess I shouldn’t find that too shocking, given that they are gigantic tubes built to be deep underwater.

But I want to hear about someone who lives in an AIRPLANE. A nice jet with a bedroom, a kitchen, and maybe a deck to let your feet dangle. Yup, just move the family into a nice home that hurtles through the sky at 300 miles per hour.

Everything I’ve seen about Air Force One suggests this is the case (“Everything” being the movie Air Force One). It must be surreal to be walking around an airplane, doing business, having meetings, maybe taking a nap in the master bedroom. I feel like I would forget that I was in a giant metal vehicle at 30,000 feet and try to step outside to walk the dog. Sorry America! The Vice President would be pretty pumped about it, though.