Be careful what you wish for! It just might come true… but not on its own, only if you put a lot of work into it.

But, then again be careful what you wish for if you plan to put a lot of work into it, because it just might not come true!

Basically, if wishes are involved, be really, really careful. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to just stop wishing entirely. That’s why, instead of wishing, I state my “Preference of Outcome.” It’s a totally non-cumbersome way of expressing what I want to happen!

My friend Armando will say, “Hey, look! It’s famous billionaire Ted Turner!” at which point I robotically raise my arms and shout, “PREFERENCE OF OUTCOME: Me having a lot of money!” See, this way I have avoided setting my expectations too high for something that will never happen, and I also am avoiding implying that I’m ready and willing to do the work to get to that place. The best of both worlds! And no one is weirded out by me shouting like a broken robot with unrealistic hopes!

PREFERENCE OF OUTCOME: You trying this sometime! You just might like it 😉