When animals are replaced in a TV show or movie, no one notices or complains. It’s because we’re humans and our innate speciesism tells us that all Jack Russell Terriers more or less look alike. I know, fucked up but true.

But what’s even better is when HUMANS get replaced by another HUMAN. It’s less common than it used to be, but when it happens it’s always hilarious. Like how Katie Holmes morphed into Maggie Gyllenhaal in the Batman movies (though it’s more the nature of the franchise that one of the few female characters was literally replaceable).

In cases like Wishbone, they should treat it like the James Bond or Sherlock Holmes franchises. Reboot it with different breeds of dogs, like a cop show with a German Shepherd or a dark, gritty reboot with a Rottweiler. I know I’d watch Wishbone the Hellhound.