Welp! Not much to say about this comic! But I can tell you there will be plenty of drinking in public tomorrow because for those of us Yanks, it’s our Independence Day. Or as we all call it, The 4th of July. Sure, plenty of countries have a fourth day in the month of July, but ours is THE 4th of July. Just like how there are 16 million square miles of international land that could be called “America,” we are the ONE TRUE AMERICA. And when calendars and continents aren’t enough, we just take names of existing places and slap a “New” in front of it. It’s ours now! Our imperialist parents across the pond would be so proud.

So tomorrow let’s blow things up in the sky because it looks like war and sing our national anthem about war as we celebrate winning our first war. And let’s do it while enjoying some hamburgers and hot dogs (you know, American food!).