Guys! I’ve got exciting news, and I need YOUR help!

I’m working with to put on the very first ever Dorkly Fan Art Expo next month at C2E2 in Chicago! It’s going to be an amazingly fun time, and we’re are going to feature a huge gallery of comics/movie/tv fan art from around the world. The best part is, it’s totally free to submit! 

There will be awards for different categories, and we have a stellar assortment of judges who will be checking out your artwork:

– Michel Balasis (artist; owner, Pop Chicago Gallery) / @popchicago
– Andrew Bridgman (Editor-in-Chief, Dorkly) / @PubeGoldberg
– Cliff Chiang (artist & comic book illustrator) / @cliffchiang
– Mike Drucker (writer, Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; comedian) / @MikeDrucker
– Heidi MacDonald (Editor-In-Chief, The Beat) / @comicsbeat & @Comixace
– Ozge Samanci (graphic novelist; Assistant Professor at Radio TV Film Department, Northwestern University, focusing on interactive art and comics) / @ordinarythings
– Sam Spratt (illustrator & painter) / @SamSpratt
– David Steinberger (Founder & CEO, comiXology) / @stonemtn
– Noelle Stevenson (comic artist & illustrator; creator & author, NIMONA) / @Gingerhazing
– Caldwell Tanner (Head Illustrator, CollegeHumor) / @caldy

So if you want these totally incredible people to check out your awesome art, and want your radical stuff hanging in a cool gallery space for thousands of convention-goes to fawn over, you can submit here! I, too, will be there! With just thousands of tears streaming down my face, unable to contain the glory and the majesty of kickass art! Come by and see me! Bring me a Kleenex!