People put their penises in the strangest things. Food. Couches. Other human bodies. It’s crazy! Stop and consider how truly insane it is to go through puberty and find yourself suddenly obsessed with putting your body inside of something or putting something in your body. No other part of the human body makes demands as absurd as the genitals. Never in human history has a dude looked a bowl of a warm porridge, rubbed his hands together, and said “you know what would feel reaaally good? If I put the heel of my foot in there.” Never has it happened! And it would probably feel pretty good, too! But the genitals are in charge, making ludicrous demands every moment of every day. Can you imagine what the world would look like if people couldn’t use their genitals on other people? It would be a mad house! Nothing would go unsexed! Anyway, I didn’t think about this stuff before doing this comic, I just wanted to draw a guy who screws potatoes.