Do you recognize the clown in today’s comic from a strip we did, like, five years ago? Of course you do! We expect you to remember everything we do! Especially one of our characters who has only appeared once before. Is this comic a sequel? A prequel? An alternative universe sidequel? You’re overthinking it! Calm down!

Also. Let’s talk about clown schools. You’ve heard about them. You’ve thought about them. But have you ever actually looked one up? My friends, let me tell YOU what about fifteen seconds on google told me: clown schools have some of the ugliest Web 1.0 websites you might ever have the misfortune to encounter. This means one of two things. Either they’re fossils from bygone age and red boat shoes and honkin’ noses are a thing of the past… or they’ve started recruiting other ways. We all want it to be option one, but we all know in the sad pits of our hearts that it’s option two.

Clowns are some kind of universal constant. Nobody likes them, but they have always and will always exist! Someone out there has to volunteer for the woeful duty of being the worst thing in existence so our little planet can keep on spinning. Next time you see a clown, thank it. After you finish crying.