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Q: So after the Earth blows up, what about you guys?
A: If all goes according to plan, the immense amount of energy channeled through the doomsday laser will also vaporize the station itself. What a bonus!

Q: But isn’t suicide wrong?
A: Agreed! But the worst thing about it is the grief it causes for those left behind. Sooo…!

Q: Why don’t you pay for this yourselves?
A: Sure, as syndicated TV stars and independent industrialists our combined net worth is well over $600 billion, but we’d rather not absorb all the risk of building a giant-space laser entirely by ourselves.

Q: So wait, is this a Death Star™?
A: No, the Death Star™ is a fictional weapon in some other universe, far, far away. We are talking about a very real tool built for the express purpose of destroying the planet Earth. The Death Star™ was a failure because it only destroyed one planet; if we destroy one planet, it’s a huge success!

Q: But wait! I don’t want to be blown up by a space laser!
A: Don’t be silly. No matter what you’re going to die someday, so it might as well be along with everyone else. Also that wasn’t a question.

Q: But–
A: Thanks for the questions, everyone!

Made by Wes Citti and Tony Wilson
Special thanks to our mentor, Harris Porter:
Music by
Monroeville Music Center
and Patrick Lee
under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike License

Thanks for watching, friends.