Wes and I know a lot of really cool people that we think are really cool because we know that they’re really cool. Sometimes they help us as sounding boards for comic ideas and such, other times they just show up in comics. So, it’s QUICK PROPS TIME:

Jim Holmquist!

Jim is a real cool dude that Wes and I know from school. Jim likes our comics a lot and always has ideas, in fact he helped come up with this comic! For a while I played bass in Jim’s bad The Long Holidays (which we started as an AWESOME Batman themed band called The Long Halloween). The band is more or less on hiatus, but you can check out Jim’s other band’s awesome surf rock CD.

Chris Pecchenino!

Chris shows up in comics too and we pretend to be his friend but actually we think he’s a cowfart. Just kidding, he’s our friend and we like him.

Will Hyler!

Will is moving back to Delaware and that makes me sad. Mostly because I don’t know what Delaware is, so I just assume it’s a bad thing like a meat packing plant or a detainment facility. Will needs props because he shows up in comics from time to time and I don’t think we ever ask his permission. Will makes awesome things, here is his most recent. I like it a lot:

Okay, that’s all.