Tomorrow Tony and I are getting on planes and flying to New York. This will be our first East Coast appearance through AmazingSuperPowers, so that’s exciting. Tonight I’m packing, which leaves me searching the internet to see if they wear pants in New York in between trying to convince Tony that he isn’t going to be gunned down by rival rappers.

We’re both really excited (borderline aroused) to be traveling to NY, and being West Coast children it’s both of our first times going out there. Legend has it (and by “legend” I mean that it’s an arctic wonderland right now, which means that we probably won’t be able to fulfill our dream of renting a car and sitting in glamorous New York traffic all day. We’ll just have to be satisfied by falling “victim” to a frotteur on the subway.

One of the events we’ll be a part of there is a webcomics/print comics drinkup on Saturday, February 7th at Stitch NYC starting at 7 pm. It’s only a few blocks from the Javits Center, and there will be a bunch of authors and artists there wanting to drink and have a good time. It’s hosted by the guys from iFanboy,, and the ROFLCrew. I’ll post some reminders here again, so that way you don’t miss out on having us awkwardly making you spill the drink you just paid for all over your pants with a failed handshake, followed by pointing and laughing. Glamour! New York!