Technological Update:

Hooray for the technophiles out there and bad news for cavemen: AmazingSuperPowers’ comics are now compatible with both the Apple iPhone and the Nintendo Wii.
If you have a deep-seeded grudge against the iPhone and/or the Wii,
take a moment to reflect on your priorities then point the alternative
browser of your choice at our site and see if we have updated
compatibility for that one, too. In most cases, we have! In other
cases, we haven’t!

To access the site on the iPhone:

  1. Ensure that you are properly connected to the internets.
  2. Open your iPhone browser and type in
  3. (This step is critical. Mistyping the URL will lead to failure. For example, accidently typing leads to a pornography locating engine.)
  4. Pinch© the screen of your iPhone (not the iPhone itself) until the comic becomes readable. Enjoy!

To access the site on the Wii:

  1. Ensure that your Wii is connected to the internet.
  2. Refrain from giggling while reading the previous step.
  3. Go to the Wii channels dashboard.
  4. Insert a copy of “My Horse and Me” by Atari.
  5. This is Enjoy!

Note: We are still trying to make AmazingSuperPowers accessible from the Sony Playstation 3 browser. Currently, all attempts to access the site from the PS3 lead to violent waves of contagious vaginal prolapses.