Hello, my name is Wes and this is my bio!

     I used to live in Portland, OR and now I live in NY. How has the change been, you ask? Well, you know what they say about New York: “There are rats everywhere and people yell a lot.” I have a science background because that is what interested me growing up, but that knowledge is now mostly just called upon for pub quizzes. Totally worth it!
     I write or co-write a lot of the words you see (including these!) and also work on a whole bunch of design and imaging stuff for the site. I also do a lot of animation, voices, and anything else we need to really make that classy fart joke land. I have been writing and animating for as long as I can remember, and now through ASP I’m doing that full time.
     When I’m not working on ASP, I’m either eating tacos or making my own beer in my closet. The beer is pretty good! (Or, equally likely, all my friends are lying to me). If you would like to talk beer or comics or life in general, I am an expert in none but a fan of all three so feel free hit me up via twitter or tumblr or telegraph.

Email me at wes [at] amazingsuperpowers [dot] com if you have secrets that only I can know.

Some ASP highlights for me that I’ve done are Truth Potion, Friendship Bracelet, and Fine Young Man. Also visuals and jokes for Oleg and the Orbital Deathray Kickstarter were a lot of fun to work on.

My name is Tony, welcome to my bio.

I have never broken a bone or been stung by a bee. During college, I did several medical experiments for money. It paid ok and I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me later in life. But we don’t always get what we hope for! 😉 My favorite smells are fresh cut grass and gasoline. Do you also like these smells? I hope so. What good smells! Really, just, great smells. When I was 19 a doctor told me I had a problem with my left testicle but that I shouldn’t worry about it, and I haven’t ever since. My interests include the 1986 skateboard movie Thrashin’, and watching the 1986 skateboard movie Thrashin’. I draw the comics and do all sorts of interesting things on the site. Writing words. Deleting words. All kinds of things. Sometimes I talk in the videos, but also sometimes I don’t! I’m versatile like that. I do interesting things off the site, too. Like another site! My background is in film and editing, I love making movies. What else is important about me? Hmm. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but who doesn’t! That should sum it up. It is very nice to meet you!

Email me at tony [at] amazingsuperpowers [dot] com to tell me what a doctor said about your testicles.

My favorite ASP comics I done is The Ghost of Collegiate Past, I’m Flying, and Have a Cigar. Real happy comics.

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