Presenting the winners of the ASP Anniversary Contest! All of the honorable mentions and winners have been contacted. Honorable mentions here and here.

The Winners!

Fourth Place
“5 Word Summaries” by Robbie A.
5-Word Descriptions of Every Comic
Obviously a lot of work went into this list, but the thing that sold us on the idea of adding fourth place as a category was the phrase “Child’s wish animates a dildo.”

Click here for the daunting list!

Third Place
“Two Clouds and a Rainbow” by Aurelio M.
Animation based on “Two Clouds and a Rainbow
He made a meteorological humiliation even cuter. Bonus points for using Futura font for the title card. Seems somebody read our FAQ.

Second Place
“Bad Halloween” by Jeremy M.
Splicing of a handful of comics.
This made us laugh harder than any of the other entries. (Fun Fact: this is the guy who won last year)

First Place
“Here be Monsters” by Sam V.
Illustration Inspired by “Here Be Monsters
So beautifully crafted, you almost forget that it’s about a MOTHER WITNESSING THE LOSS OF HER CHILD.

Nice work this year! We received a ton of great entries!