Hey sexy, are you ready to get freaky? Try these kinky moves in your intimate moments the next time you want to impress your partner(s) with your sex:

The Mountain Man
Imagine your partner’s surprise when you grow an entire beard during orgasm!

Tear Down This Wall
Do the sex against the wall until it crumbles to the ground. Your neighbors will be impressed/aroused.

No Bones Bone
Unhinge all of your joints to become some kind of sex octopus capable of positions contortionists can only dream about.

Two Turnips
Present your partner with a turnip. Say in a sexy voice, “There are two turnips in this room. Find the second.” The second turnip is inside a shoe by the door.

“The Bear is Here”
Whisper this right before orgasm. When asked for an explanation, act like you don’t remember saying anything. Then keep doing it forever.

Now think of me when you are enjoying great sex!