After both of us reading through 400+ entries, we’ve learned that having you guys “do our work for us” is a heck of a lot more work than if we did it ourselves. We also learned that you all love planking, Superman, and other people’s moms. Crowdsourcing is a sham.

The one we decided to immortalize is from a user by the name of “nitpicking,” who chose to spend his time fussing over the naming scheme of the contest instead of submitting an actual entry. I guess that’s what you can expect from someone called “nitpicking.” And because it wasn’t an actual entry, they’re not eligible for a print. Bummer!!!

And we had a tie for runner up, the first from a user calling themselves “Ancalime,” who’ll be taking home a print of their choice:

The other runner up is from “fireinthewronghole,” who will also be taking home a print:

This one also had a pretty excellent hidden comic

Thanks for everyone who entered, this was fun! Maybe we’ll do more stuff like it in the future.



Alright! So for the first time ever we’re doing a “You Write the Dialogue” contest! In the comments below, write your idea for the dialogue in the comic for each panel (P1, P2, P3, hidden, and alt text) and we’ll pick the winner by Monday.

Will the winning entry become the permanent text for the comic? Yes! Is this us being lazy and having you do the work for us? Yes! Are we probably going to regret this? Yes!

The winner gets eternal glory and a print of the comic of their choice.